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The Vampire Diaries Finale in Coveywood was a Huge Success!

CoveywoodA big thanks goes out to all the vampire stalkers of the world who came to Jessica Lowery’s The Vampire Diaries season finale event in Coveywood. This event was held on May 15, 2014 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm on the Covington Square where they film some scenes from the show. It included smaller events and activities that led up to the viewing of the Vampire Diaries season finale episode.

At the beginning of the event, fans and viewers from across the States were preparing their lawn chairs, snacks, and blankets across the grassy square in Covington, Georgia. Families from the States of Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, among others, were delighted to drive to Covington, the Hollywood of the south, to see their favorite characters on the big screen. Some of the fans went on The Vampire Diaries tour prior to the event, however, it was pretty evident whom the true fans were when the trivia game started.

Jessica Lowery and her team put together intricate baskets full of great goodies they knew the vampire stalkers would love. The baskets proved to be an enticing incentive to answer the trivia questions correctly. They even gave the fans the chance to brag about how much vampire trivia they knew. The fans were on fire answering questions! They were also given an opportunity to buy raffle tickets to win prizes.

Next came a game of quotes in which the crowd had to guess which character said the quote, then they theater style reenacted the scene from which the quote came. Two fans, Jessica and Jasmine, each won a basket for their hard work in answering the most trivia questions. While another fan, Allison, won a season Two DVD of TVD for her theatrics in reenacting an episode. Even if someone did not receive a prize, The Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf posters were available for purchase. Another perk to the night was free Hollywood of the South coupons being passed out for use at businesses on Covington Square and in Coveywood.

The season finale episode began around 8:15 p.m so the fans had the opportunity to go shopping and visit eateries around the heart of Covington before the show started. Several businesses around Covington Square had special vampire themed merchandise for the evening. The Square Perk Coffee Shop served a Vampire Dirty Chai latte. The winery next door, The Cork, offered customers their Vampire Bite Flight wine. If you wanted a delicious milkshake you could have headed over to Scoops to have Ian’s favorite ice cream treat, the Strawberry and Banana Pudding milkshake. If you were looking for something heartier, you could enjoy the infamous Fang Burger at Bradley’s Barbecue.

As the sun was setting, The Vampire Diaries’ Season finale episode had begun. The crowd was so focused on the video being played that you could hear a pin drop. Overall the event was a complete success and the TVD fans really enjoyed the Season Finale event.

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