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Things to do in Covington: Candlelight Christmas Tour

christmas-tree-xmas-balls-decoration-photoIf you are in search of things to do this holiday season, you should take a look at The Candlelight Christmas Tour.  It is being held from 1-7pm on Saturday December 7, 2013, which is less than two weeks away! It is being hosted by the Satsuki Garden Club, and it consists of six homes. Five of the six homes are located in Covington and one is located in Oxford. To find out more about the tour as a whole read: Things to do in Covington: Candlelight Christmas Tour.

The sixth stop and final stop on the Candlelight Christmas Tour is the Grayborne House, which is the home of Covington’s Mayor and his family. It is a Victorian home that was built around 1909 by A.S. McGarity.  This home has the perfect setting for afternoon tea, cool breezes and friendly conversations with its wide wrap-around veranda.  The previous owners of the home were Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Gray and their four children, who moved into the home in 1912 and remained there for 70 years.

The Mayor and his family, love the holiday season and have many family holiday traditions. One holiday tradition that they participate in, is instead of purchasing generic Christmas ornaments from the store every year, the Mayor and his family decorate their Christmas tree with ornaments that their children have made or ornaments that were purchased that have a special meaning (i.e. babies first Christmas).

If you are searching for things to do in Covington this holiday season, and you want to help spread Christmas spirit, the Candlelight Christmas Tour is perfect for you.  Tickets for the tour can be purchased by calling Ginny Davidson at 678-342-6498 or by emailing

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