Things To Do In Covington Georgia: Eat At Bradley’s Bar-B-Que

Things to do in Covington:  Eat at Bradley's Bar-B-Que, a restaurant in Covington GaVisitors to the beautiful state of Georgia in the US south will have a lovely time in Covington for various reasons, one of them being the warm southern hospitality. One place that epitomizes that warm welcome is a lovely barbecue restaurant known as Bradley’s Bar-B-Que. This restaurant is very popular with the local residents as well as visitors and tourists and is one of the yummiest things to do in Covington, Georgia. The place to eat in Covington is located at number 1160 Church Street.

The reason why this restaurant is so popular is that it offers some of the most delicious barbecues around. There is a wide variety of food and meals on offer and while the guests enjoy these meals, they also feel very welcome, appreciated and are treated with respect and care. All customers feel absolutely at home at Bradley’s Bar-B-Que and this keeps them coming back. This is why the restaurant is now celebrating a very successful ten year anniversary.Things to do in Covington:  Have the Vamped Out Sandwich at Bradley's Bar-B-Que

For those of you who are The Vampire Diaries fans, you will be delighted to know that Bradley’s Bar-B-Que will “Vamp Out” your sandwich (if you compel them to do so) while you are serenaded to the strains of music in the dining room from a variety of vampire related movies. Jessica Lowery of Mystic Falls Tours, gives Bradley’s “Vamped Out” sandwich two thumbs up!  What better way to end a day of visiting The Vampire Diaries filming locations in the Hollywood of the South?

Bradley’s Bar-B-Que has won several awards for the exemplary services it provides to its customers. One of these awards is the Dick James Small Business Of The Year Award. This award was from the Newton County Chamber Of Commerce. Some of the delicious and amazing meals offered here include home cooked meats including chicken, beef and pork. These are smoked using hickory wood and then served with side dishes, all prepared at home. While there are many tourist attractions in Georgia, visiting this place to eat in Georgia and enjoying the meals is among some of the best things to do in Covington Georgia during your Hollywood South vacation.

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