Things To Do In Georgia : Take a Vampire Diaries Tour of Mystic Falls

One of the most popular things to do in Georgia is to visit Covington, the Hollywood of the South and take a Vampire Diaries Tour to visit all the Mystic Falls Virginia places seen in The Vampire Diaries series. We cordially welcome you to Covington, Georgia (AKA- Mystic Falls Va )! Take a look at how one Mother/Daughter duo spent their day in our fair city…..

Video Transcript:

Fade in. We see an elderly woman with her teenage daughter walking in front of the Mystic Falls Courthouse in Covington, laughing and walking together with shopping bags in their hands when suddenly a vampire appears in front of them. They stop and stare at this vampire similar to the one seen in vampire diaries. The vampire with his pointy teeth now starts a conversation with these two ladies.
Vampire: “Good evening and welcome to Mystic Falls Virginia. That is Covington, Georgia, of course.”
(The mother raising both her eyebrows looks at her daughter and both of them smile.)
Vampire continues. “With the widely popular Mystic Falls tours there is plenty to sink your teeth into in this town.”
(The vampire starts laughing, opening his mouth wide and clapping his hands at the same time.)
Vampire: “You can see the Mystic Grill and all of your other favorite vampire diaries killing land…ah…Stomping ground.”
(Realizing that he spoke the word killing he feels shocked and quickly changes his aggressive tone to a more normal one.)
“Why did I say Killing? Forgive me. Just too early in the evening. ”
Vampire: “Join me.”
(The three of them take a Vampire Diaries tour of the entire Mystic Falls Va locations in the Hollywood of the South- Covington, Ga starting with the Mystic Grill capturing pictures. Then the Lockwood Mansion, as seen in The Vampire Diaries, where the daughter  takes the picture of her mother with the vampire. Then, walking through the Mystic Falls Cemetery the daughter goes exploring alone and then sees the vampire whistling alone in front of a big white colored mansion.)
Daughter: “Mom? Mom?”
(She looks at the vampire with questioning eyes and the vampire smiles at her while he exposes his teeth which are red with fresh blood.)
“She was my ride!”
(She walks away from him.)
Vampire: Plan your trip to Covington, Georgia today before your time runs out.
(Vampire starts laughing)

Covington, Georgia: Hollywood of the South.  Want your own tour of Mystic Falls Virginia ? Sign up for a Vampire Diaries Tour Here.

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