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Things To Do In Georgia: Visit The Farms of Newton County

If you are planning a trip and enjoy agri-tourism, one of the places you should consider is Newton County Georgia. This beautiful land has much more to offer than you may think and is full of things to do. While many people think of Atlanta as the only tourist attraction in Georgia, there are plenty of other outdoorsy things to do in Georgia. We’ve compiled a short list of agriculturally related tourist attractions in Newton County to get you started in the right direction.

Things To Do In Georgia Pick Berries at Alcovy Berry FarmAlcovy Berry Farm

Open June and July, the Alcovy Berry Farm is a family owned business offering families the joy of picking their own raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. They also have jams, jellies and syrups available for purchase. Call (770) 355-3114 for availability of produce and farm products.

CJ Orchards

Got a craving for a fresh Georgia peach? Just across the Newton County Georgia line you’ll find that CJ Orchards has them ripe and ready for the picking! Other vegetables and fruits are available in season. Call (706) 557-2635 to find out what is fresh picked and ready to take home.

Gaither’s Plantation

This plantation was built in 1850 and is still used for weddings and other events. On the property you will find a general Things To Do In Covington Georgia Mystic Mountain Alpaca Yarnstore, log cabin and more. One of the favorite things to do in Georgia, the annual hummingbird festival, is no longer celebrated, but don’t let that stop you from scheduling your family reunion on its emerald hills and dales. Tours are available by appointment only by calling (678) 283-1675.

Mystic Mountain Alpacas

OK, so you may  not want an Alpaca as a pet, but these hearty animals provide fantastic fleece that the farm’s owners make into yarn and other hand crocheted items.  If you fancy yourself some Alpaca goods, Melissa and Michael Hall do respectfully ask that you call (678) 283-1195 first to check availability.

Things To Do In Covington Georgia Buy Cupcakes at The Sugar Shack cupcakesNoring Farms on Floyd

Norning Farms on Floyd is a quaint all local urban farm market where you can find everything from potted plants to tonight’s dinner and dessert.  Housed within Noring Farms are Molly’s Corner and The Sugar Shack. Among the take out dinner options are Shepherds Pie, Meatloaf and their world famous Tomato Pie! At the Sugar Shack, cupcake flavors such as Maple Bacon Pecan, Strawberry Champagne and Pay Day will tempt your taste buds. While at Molly’s Corner, you can select a creative live flower and plant basket handcrafted by “agri-artisan” Molly.

No matter which farm you choose to be your Newton County, Georgia destination, it’s sure to be a refreshing change of place for you and your family and give you plenty of things do in Georgia.

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