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Things to do in Georgia : Walk of Stars, The Fighting Temptations

Things to do in Georgia: Visit the Covington Walk of StarsIt doesn’t matter who you are or what you are interested in, you will find that there are many fun things to do in Georgia.   For instance, there is a delightful little town in Georgia known as Covington, with a charismatic downtown area located in a peaceful country setting.  Covington is also known as the Hollywood of the South.   It’s no wonder why Hollywood has selected the little town of Covington, Ga. as a great filming destination.   Over the years, an abundance of movies and TV shows have been filmed in the inviting, Southern town bringing many movie stars along too.  With all of this Hollywood influence, Covington has started up the “Walk of Stars” program.   This tour is one of the best things to do in Georgia. The program provides people with a taste of Hollywood glam whenever they visit the lovely county and has become a great tourist attraction in Georgia.   Now, visitors and locales can see the locations and the number of movies as well as movie stars who have visited the town of Covington.

In the early 2000’s, the touching film, “The Fighting Temptations,” was filmed in the area of Covington.  The plot follows Darrin Hill, a New York advertising executive, who originally travels to Georgia to collect an inheritance,  but instead discovers he must form a gospel choir.   The film stars Cuba Gooding Jr. and Beyonce Knowles.  Columbus hosted the film at its River Center for the Performing Arts.  There was also plenty of filming in Covington and in other locations of the Peach state. Now, The Fighting Temptations is a bright star in the Walk of Stars tour.  Visitors can see the The Fighting Temptations star in downtown Covington along with many others at this tourist attraction in Georgia.  You will learn the  locations and the number of movies as well as actors who have visited the town of Covington.  So,the next time you’re in the Covington area, make sure to take the Walk of Stars tour. See for yourself why Covington is called the Hollywood of the South.  It’s one of the best tourist attractions in Georgia!

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