Top 5 Places to Eat for National Meatball Day!

Mama Mia, it's National Meatball Day today! And boy, do we have some great local places for you to enjoy this delightful comfort food. To celebrate, we want to tell you more about the history of the meatball, and let you in on where to find the best meatball specialties in Newton County.

Although the meatball as we know it today is most likely found in an Italian hoagie or a bowl of spaghetti, there are actually several nations who claim to have had the first true “meatball.” Greece, China, South America, and Rome all proved to have had ancient meatball recipes, with the earliest recipe recorded for kofta (orköfte) dating back to 2000 BC in Turkey.

Meat was hard to find long ago and a highly valued commodity, so no meat was ever thrown away or left to spare. Any leftovers from preparing meals were formed into little meat “balls” and used to stretch into another meal for the family.

Today, we are fortunate to have meat grinders and access to different meats and ingredients to make the most delicious or unique meatball concoctions we can find. In honor of this day, we wanted to highlight our top 5 local spots in which you can find these little meat treats.

1.       Mama Maria’s Italian Grill: 678-342-2200  |  10205 Access Road Covington GA 30014
                Mama Maria’s has a vast menu of Greek and Italian dishes that are sure to satisfy your 
                every craving. If you’re wanting to try something different, order their meatball calzone 
                that comes packed with meatballs, green peppers, and decadent ricotta cheese! On the 
                menu, they also serve a Meatball Stromboli, Meatball Hoagie, and, of course, traditional 
                spaghetti with meatballs.

2.      Milazzo’s Ristorante:    678-625-0000  |  4167 Raphael St. Covington GA 30014
                Here you can enjoy a fried meatball appetizer, made with hand-patted 
                meatballs that are fried to perfection, and served with pesto and marinara dipping 
                sauces. They also have an option to “Build Your Own Pasta” using their fresh, 
                homemade meatballs.

3.       Amici Café:    678-625-3000  |  1116 College Ave Covington GA 30014
                At Amici Café in Covington, you can try their option to “Create Your Own” pizza 
                combination, and add meatballs among your other favorite ingredients. They also have 
                a meatball sub on their hefty sandwich menu that’s served with either fries or pasta 

4.       Johnny’s New York Style Pizza: 678-342-4343  |  10176 Carlin Dr. Covington GA 30014
                Johnny’s isn’t just a great pizza joint. They also serve Italian dinners and pasta dishes like 
                their traditional Spaghetti and Meatballs. They also offer a Meatlball Parmigiana 
                sandwich, the Bronx Bomber served with meatballs and sausage, as well as a unique 
                lasagna with meatballs included in the recipe!

5.       Marco’s Pizza:   770-788-8803  |  13015 Brown Bridge Rd. Covington GA 30016
                The next time you get a pizza craving, try a delicious meatball pizza from Marco’s. 
                Yes…you read that right. A meatball pizza! We highly recommend this tasty pizza pie. Or 
                if you’d rather try a sandwich, they also offer a Meatball Fabio sub sandwich. And if you  
                want to enjoy a quick dinner with no muss or fuss, try their option for delivery to your 
                home or hotel!

So, there you have it! These five unique spots will surely take you on a taste tour of Italy. If you don’t have any Hump Day dinner plans, treat your family to a delicious meatball feast at one of these great local restaurants. Happy National Meatball Day, everyone!

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