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Vacation in the Hollywood of the South

Covington, Georgia is truly a hidden gem; it is a place full of history, sights, and even some Hollywood vampires. Whether you are trying to escape the hustle and bustle of Atlanta, heading to the beach with the family, or just needing to recharge your fun battery, be sure to add Covington to your itinerary. Here at GoCovington, we’ve made a list of some great attractions to help you plan your vacation. 

1.    Stay & Play

What better way to start a vacation than by sipping on a relaxing beverage? The answer you’re  looking for is Fox Vineyards. This local winery that offers guests a chance to taste its delicious made-on-site wines. You can start your visit by watching the harvesting and bottling process, but most importantly, wine tasting is welcomed and encouraged. Hours vary so be sure to call before visiting, 770-787-5402.

2.    Explore Our Historic Heartland

Covington has a rich and extensive history, and we pride ourselves for our community’s beautifully preserved historical buildings. Our Visitor Information Center is a great place to start your tour of Covington’s beautiful architecture. With over 20 Antebellum homes and numerous Victorian and Queen Anne cottages, our Self-Guided Home Tour is the perfect guide for your peek into life a century ago. Come stroll our lovely tree-lined streets and transport yourself to a simpler time. 

3.    Walking Tours With Vampire Stalkers

Are you a fan of The Vampire Diaries? If so, a walking tour with the Vampire Stalkers is a great opportunity to get an inside look at the set, cast, and production of our community’s favorite show. Jessica Lowery, chief Vampire Stalker, closely interacted with The Vampire Diaries’ cast and crew since it first aired. Dedicated fans will surely urge you to join this exclusive behind-the-scenes walking tour and indulge in all things Vampire Diaries. You can even finish off the day with a visit to the Mystic Grill!

4.    Visit Famous Film locations 

Covington, Georgia is widely recognized as, “The Hollywood of the South”, and our community can attest to the truth behind this phrase. Our county is featured in a variety of film and television series such as Selma, The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, In the Heat of the Night, The Dukes of Hazzard, Remember the Titans, and many more. There is absolutely no shortage of filming locations, all it takes is an observant eye. We especially encourage you to visit one of the most frequently featured film locations, the Newton County Historical Courthouse. 

5.    Shop ‘Til You Drop

After a relaxing night in one of our local hotels, make sure to shop to your heart’s content. With a variety of unique boutiques and quaint stores all around, there is absolutely no shortage of merchandise to indulge your spending habits.  

6.    Share With Us!

Finally, share your Covington adventure with us on social media! We are always delighted to see pictures of visitors and Covington natives alike. When writing posts or sharing pictures make sure you tag us @GoCovingtonGa with tags such as #hollywoodofthesouth and #ilovecovga. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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