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Vampire Diaries Episode Review: American Gothic 4:18 by Vampire Stalkers

Jessica Lowery, Mystic Falls Tours, Vampire Diaries ToursGuest Blog Post by Jessica Lowery, chief Vampire Stalker of Mystic Falls Tours

Warning Spoilers if you haven’t watched this episode yet!

Can you say Holy Originals? I mean yes, please. As many of you all know I have always been an Elijah fan so to see him again is always a plus in my Vampire Diaries (TVD) book but to add in lots of shirtless Klaus too? Yes, this made for a good episode for me. I can secretly say to all of you that I am so excited for the “Original’s” episode week after next…I can’t wait to learn more about this incredible family. With that being said, I of course can not forget how fun it is to once again see Katherine do her thing. I don’t know about y’all but when it comes to Nina Dobrev I personally feel like she plays Katherine with so much more abandon and circumstance then she ever has when playing Elena. Wait a minute do you guys since a pattern here? I like Bad Damon, Elijah, Klaus and Katherine….hmmmm maybe I should think twice before I write this stuff every week? HA HA!

Elijah and Katherine sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! Just kidding guys, lets talk about this. Not only is Katherine showing Elijah a little attention to get what she wants, what she’s always wanted is to be free from Klaus.  Poor Elijah. I just don’t think that Katherine will ever care about anyone but herself. To be honest though I had forgotten what Katherine was in so desperate in need for…Its been so long since we really saw some Katherine scenes its hard to remember that she wanted to free from Klaus and that’s the real reason we don’t see her in Mystic Falls anymore. I just hope that we continue to see Katherine, I feel like she is a very important part of this story.  I have to say that the Aquarium Vervain water and no fish thing was a dead giveaway! Who saw that coming? I also noticed this episode was a little short on the Damon/Stefan scenes…I wonder how the rest of the fans feel? I bet there are quite a few fans that are super upset when the writers focus so much effort on the other playmates in this story and less on Damon and Stefan? Just don’t forget it can’t be ALL Damon and Stefan all the time…even if they are pretty to look at.

It is super fun to see the Rebecca/Elena dynamic. It makes me wish Rebecca actually had a friend or two in Mystic Falls. When the two girls ganged up on Katherine and stabbed her with the knife, stole her cloths and pretty much just had fun with it…that was fun to see! I will say that I was surprised when she actually did drink the cure! I assumed when it got down to it she would chicken out and not want to actually give up her immortality. I guess I was super wrong and she really does want to have babies, grow old and die. I did feel sorry for her once she woke up and realized she had once again been duped by Katherine. We also learned how important this is to Katherine just by finding her in an obscure town where she’s pretty much compelled everyone.

Lets talk Klaus-Caroline. So many fans are ready for this to happen! Lets say it one more time, shirtless Klaus joined us for a good part of this episode. It was so hard to see Caroline continue to try to dig the stake out of his back especially once we learned it wasn’t really in his back after all. I do like the fact that we are continuing to learn more and more about Silas and his powers. Its getting pretty scary knowing he can look like anyone he wants to at any point. How long before he starts showing up and praying on everyone’s fears and insecurities by being a dead love one? I just can’t wait to see what the writers come up with and who Silas will be next! I am also wondering a lot about Elena and her humanity, who else thinks its about time she starts to feel something?

Next weeks Episode had several scenes filmed right here in Mystic Falls- AKA the Hollywood of the South, Covington, Ga! I can not wait to see the scenes we watched film once again play out on screen. The best part of living here in Mystic Falls and getting to enjoy filming is watching these awesome actors do their thing in person. In fact NEW sets from episode 20 are already added to our tour cause we just can’t help ourselves! Book your tour and maybe catch some Vampire Diaries filming today!

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For those who enjoy contests, check out this one we found online. TVD Caption Contest Entry.

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