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View the Best Historic Courthouse Photos from 2015!

We wanted to close out 2015 with a feature article for our friends and followers. So, we posted requests for your best Historic Courthouse photos and spanned social media to find the top picks from last year. It's always a thrill to find these little gems that have been tucked away in the news feed from months ago. And we particularly love that each photo is so different and unique. Who knew that one clocktower could be so diverse? But enough of us talking about these wonderful photos…see them for yourself! 

covington courthouse
Facebook User: Victoria Rose
This is a beautiful shot of the courthouse, taken during a summer concert. Vicki told us that she managed to snap this photo right as these storm clouds came in and quickly ended the festivities! 

historic courthouse
Instagram: @matthew_eldridge

courthouse covington ga
Facebook User: Fleeta Smith Baggett
This is a great shot of the fire engine, Santa, and the Grinch at Main Street's annual Christmas in Covington!

historic covington courthouse
Facebook User: Caitlin Elise Newman

covington christmas parade
Instagram: @bryanridarick
We love this view of the clocktower and local military volunteers during the 2015 Christmas Parade. 

mystic falls
Instagram: @my.american.story.aupair
This is Telma, a visitor from France who is enjoying an extended stay in the U.S. as an Au Pair. She and friends toured “Mystic Falls” and took the Walk of Stars while they were here!

covington clocktower
Instagram: @awesomeyouthpastor

covington ga courthouse
Instagram: @bryanridarick

covington ga fireworks
Facebook User: A. Randall Wilson
Great perspective on the clocktower during Main Street's 4th of July event and grand finale!

christmas in covington
Facebook User: Caitlin Elise Newman
The 2015 Merry Christmas wreath welcomed hoards of people to the square for the annual Lighting of the Square event. People are standing on the steps of the monument just to catch a glimpse at the holiday performances! 

covington sunset
Instagram: @tammykayephotography
The composition of this photo is unique, and the sunset really makes the clocktower stand out. Absolutely gorgeous!

covington historic courthouse
Twitter User: @BackpackInFront

covington ga christmas
Facebook User: Vicki Rose
Taken during Main Street's Christmas in Covington events and festivities. 

clocktower covington ga
Instagram: @bryanridarick
This one is a staff favorite! 

Mystic Grill
Facebook User: Caitlin Elise Newman

fireworks covington ga
Instagram: @awbutlerart
The perfect shot at the perfect moment of our grand finale at Main Street's Christmas in Covington. 

historic covington courthouse
Instagram: @bryanridarick

mystic grill covington
Instagram: @michaelmonroe_

general lee
Facebook User: Caitlin Elise Newman
…And what courthouse photo series would be complete without the General Lee? 

We hope you enjoyed these photos as much as we did. Each shot tells a different story and looking at each one is like looking through that person's eyes for a short moment. We love the creativity and diversity of each and every one. Keep sending us your special photos of the Historic Courthouse or any Covington landmark, and we will be sure to share it! Send photos or great local stories to our Facebook page or email 

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