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Visit the Site of Your Favorite Mystic Falls Romances!

mystic falls romancesTomorrow, the world celebrates love on Valentine’s Day. We here in Mystic Falls prefer to celebrate our favorite TVD couples, instead. After all, while we love the action and adventure, it’s the romances that we sink our teeth into! Who could forget the first time Elena and Damon finally kiss? Or, when Caroline and Klaus admit their feelings for each other? It’s enough to make you swoon! Let’s clear our heads by counting down our favorite TVD romances and sharing the secrets of their filming locations!  The best part is that you can visit these Mystic Falls romances and where they were filmed, in the real Mystic Falls. Most of these locations are included on the Vampire Stalker’s The Vampire Diaries Walking Tour, which you can attend during the series finale event on March 10th! Simply click this link to find out more information. Handy tip: If you are traveling from a distance, you may wish to book overnight accommodations. Use this link and click “Book Now” for a handy and easy to use reservation!

 Stefan and Elena

Stelena takes us all the way back to the beginning as the original Mystic Falls it couple. Their sweet and innocent romance remains as one the cornerstones of TVD love stories. And, our favorite moment was filmed in the cornerstone of Covington, our very own Square! In the final episode of season one, apply entitled “Founder’s Day”, Stefan and Elena had stolen our hearts as Mystic Falls’ cutest couple. The pair, dressed in antebellum attire, graced a spot on the Founder’s Day float and looked spectacular!


Damon and Elena

As much as we loved Stelena, the romance of Damon and Elena is the best. There is simply no topping Delena as the perfect Vampire Diaries couple. While they had so many incredible moments, our favorite moment has to be the infamous Delena rain kiss. Their sultry smooch in the rain made fans shriek with glee! While the location of this film set is under wraps, we can reveal that this steamy kiss was filmed in Covington, Georgia. But, you can visit it during a walking Vampire Diaries tour!

Damon and Rose

This little-known romance took place way back in season two. The two vampires held a very brief love affair before the duo were viciously attacked by a werewolf. Rose stepped in front of the charging beast and saved Damon’s life. The bite would subsequently lead to her death and to Damon having to put a stake through her heart.  While it is tragic, Rose’s sacrifice showed her true feelings for everyone’s favorite bad vamp. Relive this scene right in the heart of Mystic Falls, the Mystic Grill! Rose's final moments were filmed in Newton County's beautiful countryside too. 

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