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Visit Zachary-Echols House in Historic Covington, Georgia

Zachary-Echols HouseIf you come to visit historic Covington, Georgia, you will notice our beautiful antebellum houses guarding our streets. Many of these houses have been around longer than anyone can remember, and their history is just as vast. One of these beautiful houses is the Zachary-Echols house. It is located in North Covington, Georgia, and its beautiful structure is something you can miss seeing when you visit.

This historic home was originally built for Louis Zachary. At the time it was built, he was the sheriff of Newton County. He and his family lived there happily until it sold in 1874. If you want to see how much prices have changed over the years- when it sold in 1874 it sold for $2000! Can you guess how much it would sell for now?

We think it is the architecture that draws people to this beautiful home. If you are an architect, this house is necessary to see! It is a beautiful blend of Federal and Greek revival archetectural styles. Perhaps you recognize the elegant façade of the home from seeing it on TV?

The Zachary-Echols house is part of our Hollywood of the South! Filmmakers love to use this antebellum home for filming. Most noteably, it was in a famous TV show called Dukes of Hazzard. In the show, the Zachary-Echols house played the Sheridan Orphanage.

When you visit historic Covington, Georgia, you can easily see both the history and the Hollywood of our town. Many of our historic homes have been used for filming and have beautiful histories behind them. Make sure when you visit you check out the unique Zachary-Echols house. It will be a site that will take your breath-away!

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