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Ward Off a Vampire for National Garlic Day

ward off a vampireSince the release of our unprecedented interview with a vampire about his favorite local spots, we’ve been feeling a little creeped out. Suddenly, shadows in the dark seem more sinister. We get the feeling we might be in the presence of some unruly vampires. To soothe our souls and ease our minds, we’ve been delving into vampire lore for protection against these creatures of the night. 

In our research, we found the old adages about crosses and stakes, but silver crosses can by heavy, and we all know they don’t offer a Conceal and Carry a Stake Permit. We needed something portable and potent. This inspired us to try garlic! Used for centuries to curtail the dreaded Vampire, garlic was the perfect choice for our protection. Also, it’s National Garlic Day today, and we like any excuse to enjoy this tasty food. 

So, why garlic? Seriously, an immortal, undead Superman is about to attack you, and the only thing that will ward it off is a smelly bulb? How did we come to this conclusion? The answer is actually pretty interesting.

ward off a vampireThe lore surrounding garlic’s effects on vampirism usually comes in two folds. One, that garlic is a super strong natural antibiotic, which can help eliminate most infections and has been used for medicines in vastly different cultures. Every civilization, from the Egyptians to Rome to Mesopotamia, had writings and scrolls touting the healing properties of the plant. 

The second part is more mystical. Because garlic was viewed as the ultimate healer, the bulb took on a reputation of healing the supernatural. In East Asian cultures, people smeared garlic on the foreheads of their children to protect them from evil spirits and illness. In the West Indies, natives used garlic as a means of warding off evil practices and magic spells.

This leads us to our sanguine spooks. In most vampire belief systems and lore, vampires are created by an infection which causes them immortality, an allergy to the sun, and the aforementioned bloodthirsty behavior. Naturally, by ingesting garlic and healing the infection, vampires would be “cured” of their illness, but would also be destroyed in the process. Most cultures write about smearing the noxious goodness on faces or wearing it around your neck. But, in Romania (the birthplace of the ultimate vampire, Vlad Dracula), they preferred to eat it.

You know what they say; when in Romania.                    

Covington has an incredible shop on the Square that will supply all your garlic needs. Town Square Olive Oil has a vast array of delicious olive oils, balsamic vinegars, and gourmet food stuffs. But, it’s their garlic sea salt that we’re after. Sprinkle it on your popcorn and rim your Extra Bloody Mary glass with the stuff for a supernatural free Sunday Funday. We also adore their garlic infused olive oil and garlic basil pastas. The fresh, hand rolled linguine and fettuccini is always a delight to your dinner guests, though your date may not enjoy the after effects. 

Don’t have time to stock up on the pungent stuff? Have Johnny's New York Style Pizza deliver an order of buttery garlic knots at your convenience. Or, stop by to try a garlicky Italian-inspired dish on the Covington Square! YourPie keeps fresh, minced garlic on hand and we highly recommend their Ischia Pizza. At Amici, enjoy a delicious garlic and olive oil flatbread as well as incredible clouds of cheesy garlic goodness, known as Gar Chee Mar. Try an order today and stave off those pesky undead.

(DISCLAIMER: We also recommend some mints, if you want to keep your living friends.) 


ward off a vampire

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