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#WayBackWednesday: Pay Your Respects to Bite Night 2016

bite nightThe upcoming series finale of our favorite show, The Vampire Diaries, has us feeling a little nostalgic today. We took a look back at last year’s Bite Night event, and we have to say, we can’t wait for this year’s supernatural shindig. Revisit our favorite memories from last year and then, get to your computers! You’ll find more information below on registering for your tickets for the final, eternal moments of The Vampire Diaries, right in Mystic Falls. Trust us. You do not want to miss it! But first, let us pay our respects to our favorite moments from Bite Night 2016.

Last year, 2016’s Bite Night started off to a roaring start. Fans from across the world came to Covington to celebrate the Season 7 finale. They began “staking” out the prime viewing spots on the Covington Square as early as 1 pm in the afternoon! Bite Night officially kicked off at 5:00 pm, as restaurants opened and showcased their uniquely supernatural suppers. 

bite night

The Mystic Grill was a favorite spot, as usual, but visitors were also treated to specialty items at Your Pie and Irish Bred Pub. Fans also lined up to meet a star from The Vampire Diaries. Todd Lasance flew in all the way from Los Angeles to be at Bite Night. If you’re a fan of the show (like we know you all are!) you’d have recognized Lasance as the evil villain, Julian. In real life, Todd is an absolute gentleman and such a pleasure to meet.

Outside, on the Square, fans were treated to a DJ spinning songs from The Vampire Diaries’ incredible soundtrack. There were also local artists who performed on the Square’s main stage. If you’ve ever had a wish to have your picture taken with Damon or Stefan, Bite Night was where you wanted to be! We had special “Selfie Stations”, where fans could take a picture with their Sires (in cardboard form, of course). The Ian Somerhalder Foundation was also on hand, to give fans a look into this incredible cause.

bite nightThen, at 7:00 pm sharp, Todd Lasance and another Mystic Falls alum, Chris Brochu, held a “Star Q&A” for the gathered crowd and Chris played a free concert for the fans. Todd even wowed the crowd, as he selected a few fans to answer trivia questions about The Vampire Diaries. Our Bite Night raffle participants also walked away with some pretty amazing TVD swag! The biggest winner received a signed guitar from Chris Brochu, while other lucky winners received a Twelve Oaks gift basket, a signed DVD of season 7 of The Vampire Diaries, and a private visit to Lockwood Mansion, aka Worthington Manor.

As the sun set on the Square and the full moon rose, the clock in the Courthouse tower struck 8:00 pm and The Vampire Diaries Season 7 finale began. The CW had arranged a special, commercial-free viewing for Bite Night, so fans watched their favorite show with no commercial interruptions. After the season finale, our #TrueFanpires stayed out for late night in Covington. They took part in after-hours tours, like Covington’s Ghost Tours and met with some spooky spirits.

bite nightYou’re probably missing Mystic Falls now that we’ve looked back at last year’s party. This year, the celebration is going to be even bigger for the series finale of The Vampire Diaries. We can’t lay our favorite television show to rest without sending it out in style. Join us on March 10th, from 3 pm to 10 pm, for the final Bite Night. We’re keeping the details under wraps for now, but rest assured, you will not want to miss this event. Register for your tickets here to gain exclusive access to tours, merchandise and more. We’ll see you in Mystic Falls, one last time. 

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